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The NETHELIX concept

Welcome to NETHELIX, a transformative project redefining the mining industry through sustainable innovation. Our mission? To streamline mineral extraction and reduce environmental impact, driven by groundbreaking technologies, collaborative partnerships, and strategic communications.

  • What We Do:
    NETHELIX is dedicated to pioneering responsible mining. Our focus includes developing eco-friendly machinery, ensuring worker safety, and pioneering new, less impactful extraction methods. Our technology seeks to reshape the industry with a lighter ecological footprint.

  • Our Approach:
    NETHELIX is deeply committed to fostering an eco-conscious and safety-focused mining industry. At its core, our approach involves developing environmentally friendly machinery and innovating in mineral extraction techniques. We emphasize reducing ecological footprints and prioritizing worker safety. Collaboration is key to our success; we engage actively with related projects and initiatives, sharing knowledge and embracing best practices. This cooperative spirit is enhanced by our dedication to transparent communication, ensuring that all stakeholders remain informed and involved in our journey towards sustainable mining.


Develop and validate the NETHELIX green, remote and automated machinery for the EU mining industry.

Develop, demonstrate and maintain a predictive maintenance platform.

Develop and demonstrate novel and sustainable mineral extraction schemes.

Validate the NETHELIX solutions in multiple pilot sites, through 4 different different validation scenarios.

Develop an advanced DSS for reducing resource needs and increase production yield in mining.

Aim at commercial exploitation through advanced business models for the mining industry.


NETHELIX meticulously explores the scientific, economic, technological, and societal impact of its initiatives. In the scientific domain, we delve into the complexities of sustainable mining, contributing significantly to industry advancements. Economically, our focus is on harmonizing growth with ecological preservation, mitigating environmental impacts while maintaining profitability. Technologically, we integrate advanced automation and responsible practices, leading to increased efficiency and safety. Societally, NETHELIX is committed to ethical practices and cultural harmony, aiming to positively influence not just the mining sector but the broader community. By intertwining these multifaceted aspects, NETHELIX strives to establish responsible and balanced mining practices, paving the way for a harmonious and sustainable future.


New breakthrough scientific models & tools towards the establishment of integrated sustainable mining technologies


State of the Art practices for robust European industrial and technological pressence in all key parts of a greener digital digital supply chain, from low-power components to advanced systems, future networks, new data technologies and platforms


First movers' advantage in technology offering for mining


New market opportunities and tools for sustainable activities, enhancing the European leadership in applying innovative sensors and methods for mineral extractions


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Engage with NETHELIX through our various online platforms to gain insights into our cutting-edge advancements in sustainable mining. Visit our website for the latest updates, interact with us on social media for real-time progress, and be informed concerning our scientific communications and publications for in-depth analyses. Be part of our journey towards a sustainable and responsible future in mining. Let’s collaborate to forge a path towards eco-friendly and ethically conscious mining practices. Stay informed, be involved, and help us shape a new future for mining.