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NetHelix is built on a foundation of excellence, with each partner contributing specialized expertise and a commitment to high standards, crucial for the project’s success. Our focus on quality is not just in execution but is deeply ingrained in every aspect of the project—from the development of groundbreaking technologies like advanced drilling systems and autonomous equipment, to the implementation of sustainable mining practices and rigorous safety protocols. This collective pursuit of quality ensures the effective and precise realization of NetHelix’s goals. Together, we are not only enhancing mining efficiency and reducing environmental impact but also setting new benchmarks for quality in the industry. Our collaborative ethos fortifies this commitment, driving us towards a future where the NetHelix project is synonymous with exceptional quality in sustainable mining solutions


NetHelix unites a diverse consortium of technology providers, research institutions, and mining end-users to advance the mining industry. Partners like SATWAYS, ASTRIAL, ALPES, ABAUT, SANDVIK, EMPHASIS DIGIWORLD, ABAUT, KGHM CUPRUM, and CYRIC contribute cutting-edge technologies ranging from safety solutions to digital innovation, while research insights from NTUA and ULM UNIVERSITY drive the project’s scientific base. Key end-users including OMYA, HELLAS GOLD, MYTILINEOS (DELFOI MINES) and DUNDEE PRECIOUS METALS provide practical insights, ensuring relevant and impactful outcomes. Together, they address industry challenges, developing innovative and sustainable practices with implications far beyond mining, solidifying NetHelix’s role as a catalyst for transformation in the sector.


NetHelix is propelled by a passion that resonates deeply within its diverse partnership. This collective fervor, evident in every collaborator from SATWAYS to SANDVIK and NTUA, drives us to redefine mining. Our partners, encompassing technology innovators and academic leaders, share a dedication to sustainable and responsible mining, reflecting their commitment to transformative change. It’s this passion, intertwined with NetHelix’s collaborative approach, that pushes the project beyond traditional boundaries, infusing each initiative with a purposeful spirit. Together, we are shaping a future where mining not only respects the environment but also empowers communities, truly embodying the ethos of NetHelix.


NetHelix is enriched by the diverse contributions of its partners, each infusing the project with unique expertise and commitment. SANDVIK leads in advanced mining machinery, while SATWAYS and ASTRIAL provide solutions and enhance safety protocols. NTUA contributes its Remote Sensing capabilities, essential for sustainable mining practices. ABAUT is pivotal in developing sophisticated Decision Support Systems (DSS) for strategic operational management. EMPHASIS DIGIWORLD’s expertise in airflow and quality control is critical in ensuring safe mining environments. ALPES’s advanced laser technology revolutionizes gas detection, enhancing safety measures. CYRIC’s innovative insole sensors add a new dimension to worker health monitoring. Together, these collaborative efforts shape NetHelix’s trajectory, ensuring its impact and relevance in transforming the mining industry toward sustainability and technological advancement.


The NetHelix project heralds significant advancements for the mining industry, extending its influence beyond traditional practices to reshape the global environmental landscape. Central to its mission is the deployment of new technologies and process improvements that not only enhance environmental management in mining operations but also significantly boost performance and efficiency.
Key among these technologies are advanced Decision Support Systems (DSS) and operations monitoring tools. These systems facilitate smarter, data-driven decision-making, allowing for more efficient resource utilization and streamlined operational workflows. By integrating such technologies, NetHelix not only heightens operational efficiency but also ensures these processes are environmentally responsible.
The project’s impact is far-reaching – optimizing extraction efficiency while minimizing environmental harm sets a precedent for a sustainable mining sector. These technological advancements serve as catalysts for positive change, propelling the industry toward resource efficiency, reduced ecological footprints, and greater harmony with the environment. Ultimately, NetHelix contributes to a greener global economy, championing a sustainable future through innovative, efficiency-driven, and environmentally-conscious mining practices.

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