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The NetHelix project is a pioneering force in reshaping the mining sector, striving to optimize mineral extraction efficiency while reducing environmental impact. Anchored in a mission to cultivate sustainable and responsible mining practices, NetHelix is dedicated to introducing innovative technologies that redefine the industry. By integrating advanced tools, leveraging data-driven decision-making, and prioritizing workforce safety, the project envisions a future where mining operations thrive in efficiency and environmental consciousness.


Develop and validate the NETHELIX green, remote & automated machinery for the EU mining industry.

Brand Identity

Aim at commercial exploitation, through the advanced business models for the mining industry.

With a strategic focus on objectives, NetHelix is committed to developing and validating specialized machinery tailored for eco-friendliness, remote control, and autonomy. This approach aims to elevate operational efficiency while curbing the ecological footprint of mining activities, aligning seamlessly with responsible resource management principles.

Worker well-being remains paramount, as evidenced by the development and demonstration of health and safety sensors designed for mining’s unique demands. These sensors foster a secure and health-conscious work environment, ensuring the welfare of mining industry personnel. Moreover, an objective to minimize downtime and boost productivity through predictive maintenance platforms underscores NetHelix’s commitment to efficiency and innovation.

NetHelix’s journey underscores sustainability through eco-friendly mineral extraction schemes and responsible resource management. Pilot tests validate the practicality of these solutions, while collaborative engagement and customized business models ensure widespread acceptance and adoption. As a visionary initiative, NetHelix lays the foundation for a greener, more responsible mining industry, redefining practices for a more sustainable global economy.

Our Vision & Mission

The NetHelix project is a visionary undertaking aimed at revolutionizing the mining sector with a dual focus on enhancing mineral extraction efficiency and minimizing its environmental impact. Rooted in the principles of sustainability and responsibility, the project integrates innovative technologies like eco-friendly machinery, precise drilling, and autonomous equipment to improve operational efficiency and safety. Embracing data-driven decision-making through analytics and support systems empowers industry leaders to maximize resource utilization while safeguarding the environment. By prioritizing worker well-being with tailored health and safety sensors and predictive maintenance platforms, NetHelix stands as a beacon of progress in both efficiency and eco-conscious practices. The project’s collaborative ethos fosters stakeholder engagement, facilitating knowledge exchange for broader acceptance and implementation of these transformative technologies. NetHelix envisions a future where mining harmonizes with a greener global economy, aligning with the European Union’s goals and aspirations.


Frequently Asked Questions

The mission of the NetHelix project is to revolutionise the mining industry by optimising mineral extraction while minimising its environmental impact. The aim is to develop and implement innovative technologies and solutions that enable sustainable and responsible mining practices.

This is the first iteration of the strategy to promote, inform and engage stakeholders and end-users in the NetHelix project. The strategy will ensure that appropriate impactful activities are planned and implemented to promote NetHelix

NetHelix pursues sustainability through novel and eco-friendly mineral extraction schemes that prioritize responsible resource management and minimize the ecological footprint of mining operations. By developing innovative methods that align with environmental consciousness, the project seeks to secure the long-term sustainability of the mining industry while contributing to a greener and more responsible global economy.

NetHelix places a strong emphasis on worker well-being by developing and demonstrating health and safety sensors tailored to the unique requirements of mining operations. These sensors are designed to create a secure and health-conscious work environment, ensuring the safety and welfare of individuals working within the mining industry.ccordion Content

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